Feral Druid – What abilities and when to buy them.


OK, so you’ve decided to become a Druid, and level as a feral. Sensible choice, it’s the easiest way to level, mid tier safety, easy to gear and easy to play. While playing Restoration and leveling in cat is technically ‘safer’, leveling as true Feral is undeniably quicker, you’re able to heal instances well into the 40s without anything more than a few basic int pieces, and you have the ability to tank instances for instant group invites and much love.

This is a 3 part series.
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Spells, When and why to purchase them.

Claw, Shred, Maul, Ravage all scale with basic white damage. They either have a bonus damage (weapon damage + X) or a weapon damage multiplier (X% weapon damage + Y) which means even a low level ability keeps pace with you into the higher levels. It is important to note that we do not have to worry about weapon damage or dps. This mean our low level feral combat abilities scale as long as we keep increasing our gear, and as our inbuilt damage goes up every level.

We start with Wrath (Rank 1) and Healing Touch (rank 1). This skill list presumes we;

  • Want to reach level 40 (Dire Bear form and slow mount) and 60 (epic mount) with as much gold as possible in order to make getting our mount as quick as possible.
  • Want to minimize the amount of useless or situational skills we spend gold on (most expensive part of leveling)
  • Start with Moonfire before switching to cat/bear. Moonfire is Arcane damage (Wrath is nature and resists much more often) and has the same range as Wrath (30 yards).
  • Will mainly tank or DPS when grouped while leveling.
  • Will self buff Mark of the Wild.

I’ve chosen the two best heals for us as Feral, Regrowth and Rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is an instant cast spell that can be thrown up before switching forms or in between shifting, and a rank 4 Regrowth is enough to top 1/4 of a hp bar even into the high 40s/early 50s. Between the two you should be almost invincible unless you are going one on one with elites or higher level targets. Keep Mark of the Wild buffed, open with Ravage (Rake before 32) Claw to 3/4 CP’s and then Rip. If needed you can then Claw to 3/4 CP’s, pool energy and Ferocious Bite.

Level 1 (10c)
Mark of the Wild (R1 – 10c)

Level 4 (2s)
Rejuvenation (R1 – 1s)
Moonfire (R1 – 1s)

Level 6 (2s)
Thorns (R1 – 1s)
Wrath (R2 – 1s)

Level 8 (2s)
Healing Touch (R2 – 2s)

Level 10 (Bear Form – Quest) (12s)
Moonfire (R2 – 3s)
Demo Roar (R1 – 3s)
Rejuvenation (R2 – 3s)
Mark of the Wild (R2 – 3s)

Level 12 (8s)
Regrowth (R1 – 8s)

Level 14 (18s)
Bash (R1 – 9s)
Healing Touch (R3 – 9s)

Level 16 (54s)
Swipe (R1 – 18s)
Rejuvenation (R3 – 18s)
Moonfire (R3 – 18s)

Level 18 (38s)
Maul (R2 – 19s)
Regrowth (R2 – 19s)

Level 20 (1g 40s)
Cat Form (20s)
Claw (R1 – 20s)
Prowl (R1 – 20s)
Rip (R1 – 20s)
Mark of the Wild (R3 – 20s)
Healing Touch (R4 – 20s)
Rebirth (R1 – 20s)

Level 22 (60s)
Moonfire (R4 – 30s)
Rejuvenation (R4 – 30s)

Level 24 (2g)
Rake (R1 – 40s)
Swipe (R2 – 40s)
Tiger’s Fury (R1 – 40s)
Regrowth (R3 – 40s)
Remove Curse (40s)

Level 26 (1g 35s)
Dash (R1 – 45s)
Maul (R3 – 45s)
Abolish Poison (45s)

Level 28 (2g 50s)
Challenging Roar (50s)
Claw (R2 – 50s)
Rip (R2 – 50s)
Moonfire (R5 – 50s)
Rejuvenation (R5 – 50s)

Level 30 (1g 80s)
Travel Form (60s)
Mark of the Wild (R4 – 60s)
Regrowth (R4 – 60s)

Level 32 (1g 60s)
Ferocious Bite (R1 – 80s)
Ravage (R1 – 80s)

Level 34 (3g)
Swipe (R3 – 1g)
Moonfire (R34 – 1g)
Rejuvenation (R6 – 1g)

Level 36 (2g 20s)
Pounce (R1 – 1g 10s)
Rip (R3 – 1g 10s)

Level 38 (1g 20s)
Claw (R3 – 1g 20s)

Level 40 (7g)
Dire Bear Form (1g 40s)
Ferocious Bite (R2 – 1g 40s)
Mark of the Wild (R5 – 1g 40s)
Rejuvenation (R7 – 1g 40s)
Innervate (R1 – 1g 40s)

Level 44 (1g 80s)
Rip (R4 – 1g 80s)

Level 46 (2g)
Rejuvenation (R8 – 2g)

Level 48 (4g 40s)
Claw (R4 – 2g 20s)
Ferocious Bite (R3 – 2g 20s)

Level 50 (2g 40s)
Mark of the Wild (R6 – 2g 40s)

Level 52 (5g 20s)
Rip (R5 – 2g 60s)
Rejuvenation (R9 – 2g 60s)

Level 56 (3g)
Ferocious Bite (R4 – 3g)

Level 58 (6g 40s)
Claw (R5 – 3g 20s)
Rejuvenation (R10 – 3g 20s)

This has cost exactly 2g, 76s, 10c at level 20, 26g, 1s, 10c at level 40, and 51g, 21s and 10c at level 58/60. You can then decide at 60 whether you are going to push for an ultra fast epic mount, or if you are going to buy up some higher level skills and do dungeons first. You can reduce this by a further 2g 1s if you do not get any more ranks of Moonfire after level 10. If you plan to solo the entire time, this can be further reduced by removing Bear tanking abilities, Innervate, Rebirth and Mark of the Wild. If you do skip instances or to only DPS them, then you will probably suffer during the leveling process with a lack of decent blues.

Feral Faerie Fire and Feral Charge are free, as they are spells given by talents. 

Written by:
Elicas from Crestfall-Gaming,

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